Techical Information

◯  Our wood care wax and oil products contains carefully selected ingredients that are effective for the care and maintenance of  wood and bamboo cutting boards, furniture, flooring, children's toys, leather goods, etc. It provides moisture and nourishment as well as a water-repellent effect, so that these products can be used for a longer time.

The product are made in Japan from the highest quality natural ingredients, including 100% pure beeswax, certified organic coconut oil, cypress oil, food-safe mineral oil, and other essential oils. (lauric acid, peppermint oil, blood orange oil, cedar oil, etc. inhibit the growth of bacteria)

There is a choice of 7 fragrances - neutral, coconut, mint, blood orange, cypress (2) and yuzu. After using it on wood products, the scent will disappear in a few hours and will not affect the food preparation.

Advantages of using wood food products
  • Water-repellent coating effect on applied items
  • Prevents cracks and splits in regular applications
  • Keeps the surface hygienic
  • Beautiful, smooth and glossy effect
  • Can be used immediately after application
Additional information

A. wood food wax & oil contains no VOCs and is safe to use on food contact products and children's toys.

No heavy metals and VOCs

B. Sizes

Waxes are available in 30ml, 180ml, 200ml and 1000ml

Oil available in 300/400ml / 500ml / 1000ml

C. Area coverage (single coat)

Wax 0.055m2 / gm (1 x 180ml bottle (160gm) applies 8.8m2)
Oil 0.04m2 / gm (1 x 400ml bottle (385gm) applies 14m2)

Wax coverage is increased by approximately 15% when applied after the first coating of wood food oil.

* Safe to use on food-accessible items and children's toys

BOKEN Quality Assessment Agency, 1-1-12 Mouri, Koto-ku, Tokyo 12135-0001)