Free shipping to Japan for orders over 5,000 yen, to Asia for orders over 30,000 yen, and to Europe/USA for orders over 50,000 yen.
Free shipping to Japan for orders over 5,000 yen, to Asia for orders over 30,000 yen, and to Europe/USA for orders over 50,000 yen.
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Q1. Is the fragrance strong?

A. The scent of wood food wax "Coconut", for example, is a gentle scent of natural coconut oil and beeswax. The scent of coconut oil and beeswax is very pleasant but will fade after an hour or so. We hope you enjoy the natural scent of our products.

Q2. Is it sticky?

A . It will be sticky immediately after application, but if you wipe it lightly with a rag, it will become silky smooth to the touch. If it gets on your hands, it will leave your hands as moist as if you had applied hand cream, so please make the most of it. If you are allergic to beeswax, please be careful or use our wax applicators to apply it.

Q3. How much can I coat with a 180ml jar?

A . It depends on how dry the wood is, but one jar of 180ml will cover approximately 13.86m2. As you only use a small amount at a time, the product will last for a long time unless you are applying it over a large area such as a wooden floor.

Q4. I have small children, is it safe for them?

A. "Wood Food Wax" is made from only natural ingredients and is therefore safe to use if it gets into the mouth. In Europe, this product is used to maintain wooden chopping boards and is also used for other foodstuffs and tableware. It is also recommended for use in wooden toys that babies may put in the mouth, so please do not worry.

Q5. What products can I use it for?

A. It can be used on all types of solid wood and bamboo that has not been painted. For example, it is suitable for furniture, flooring, wooden tableware, chopping boards, toys and bamboo products.

Q6: Can I use it on furniture that has been urethane or lacquered?

A. Wood Food Wax is not suitable for use on urethane or lacquered furniture. For these items, the wood food wax cannot soak into the furniture and moisturise the wood.

Q7. Can I use wood food wax on my dining table to prevent stains?

A. Yes, it will prevent stains. It has a water repellent effect, and as it has a film on the surface, hot cups and plates can be placed on it and stains are easily removed. However, it is not 100% waterproof and the table may stain to some extent. Please avoid hot pots and pans.

Q8. Is there an expiry date?

A. Basically, there is no expiry date,, but a "best by" date is printed on the product label.  We recommend that you use the product within 3 years.

Q9. Can it be used on outside wood?

A. "wood food" is generally suitable for indoor use, but can also be used outside. However, it will require more maintenance than usual depending on the weather and temperature, so please check the condition of the wood before using.

Q10. I am an amateur and have never painted or maintained anything before.

A. It is easy to apply, even for a first time user. If you use the AG+ Wax Applicator, you will be able to apply the wax evenly to the wood without getting it on your hands.

Q11. How much wax should I apply at a time?

A. For example, if you are coating a chopping board, about half to 1 teaspoon is enough. Each piece of wood will have a different degree of dryness and moisture content, so it is best to start with a small amount to get a good finish.

Q12. Should I use the AG+ wax applicator when applying wax?

A. Yes, we highly recommend it for a smooth and even application, but , a dishwashing sponge, car wax sponge or rag can be used instead.

Q13. Do I need to wash the AG+ wax applicator?

A.  No. The sponge is a special original sponge with a strong antibacterial effect, so after use it can be stored in the lid provided without washing. When the sponge is torn or deteriorated, it is time to change it.

Q14. I have just coated a new piece of wood and it doesn't look shiny.

A. New solid wood is usually dry at first, with no moisture or oil. It is advisable to apply two or three coats, depending on how dry the wood is. The wood should feel smooth and shiny to the touch. This is the same as the dryness of your skin, so enjoy the texture of the wood as you maintain it.

Q15. How often do I need to maintain my cutting boards?

A. The frequency of maintenance depends on how you use it, for example, for cooking or for plates, but for normal cooking we recommend once a week. However, if you use your cutting board more frequently or if you wash it with a lot of detergent, it will tend to dry out more easily, so it is better to clean it more frequently. The best rule of thumb is to wash the cutting board, leave it to dry and then pour water on it.