woodfood wax (Aomori Hiba Cypress)
woodfood wax (Aomori Hiba Cypress)
woodfood wax (Aomori Hiba Cypress)
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woodfood wax (Aomori Hiba Cypress)

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Complete care for wood and bamboo products

wood food w ax has been painstakingly formulated for the maintenance and care of non-varnished wooden cutting boards, furniture, flooring, children's toys and crockery. The product provides a moisturizing, nourishing, water-repellent and waterproof coating to items applied with this product for long-lasting use. This product is made in Fukuoka, Japan.

○ A quality, easy to apply, multi-purpose wax with an earthy. Aomori Hiba cypress fragrance.

○ It can be used on non-varnished wooden chopping boards, salad bowls, table tops, wooden toys, flooring and wall panels.

○ An economical soft wax that is easy to apply and requires only a small amount.

○ It is made from 100% natural beeswax and food safe oils and uses natural ingredients.

○ The wax is non-sticky, easy to apply and long lasting.

○ The wax can be easily scooped out and applied with the included bamboo spatula.